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Welcome to Our Blog

December 18, 2009

That’s right, I said “our.” It seems like eons ago that we last met at the CFBA office in Windsor to pick Bob Wellington’s brain, and even longer since that fateful summer meeting at UConn. We promised this blog, to help keep us up to date, share information and provide an opportunity to comment/discuss whatever topic is on the table.

Perhaps after the evening with Bob Wellington, Agri-mark chief economist, you were wondering: “What exactly is this?” “What is the point of  this meeting, this group?” and “What now?” All very good questions.

After the summer meeting for concerned dairy producers in southern New England – presently and for the future, a group of younger producers, say the new generation of producers, left scratching their heads. It seemed that every idea they suggested was poo-poo’d by the so-called old roosters in the room. So, a few of us got together and said, how can we keep this ball rolling? How can we educate ourselves to know not only why these tried ideas failed but also what we can do to improve our businesses and ultimately our industry?

Thus, our group was born. We have yet to settle on a name – waffling between Next Generation Dairy and New Generation Dairy, but names aside the importance is our mission. Our mission is to help improve the stature and strategy of dairy farming for ourselves and those around us so that we may be a more viable industry, providing our neighbors and families with a fresh, nutrient-rich product. 

The point of the meeting with Bob Wellington was to pick his brain. So often we may be able to hear him speak at a meeting or read a letter that he writes, but when do we really get to ask him questions – as many questions as we may have? Now, while many questions were asked, I know that there are more out there that weren’t. That’s where this blog comes in. That’s where the meeting’s feedback comes in for future speakers.

So, what now? Check this blog. Sign up to receive alerts. Keep your ears peeled for more events to come. Attend them. Get your business partners to go with you. Ask questions. We will try to get answers to pertinent questions. Share the knowledge you gain. Let’s keep the discussion going that has been started in this dip on the milk price roller coaster.

The future of our industry is in our own hands.