Letter to Editor of Norwich Bulletin

Ran on Sunday, February 7, 2010…

Dear Editor:

I am writing to share with you a young dairy farmer network that we have recently formed here in Connecticut. We call ourselves the “New Generation Dairy Producers” and we have been active in educating ourselves, learning how to better educate our neighbors about what we do and the nutritious product we provide, and keeping in touch with our fellow producers.

We are very concerned with what we feel has been unbalanced reporting in the national news media. Recently your paper picked up an article that quite frankly did not contain complete facts. We would like to serve as an information source for you and your readers with respect to questions that may arise due to articles of this nature. Our email address is: newgendairy@gmail.com.

In Connecticut, we have approximately 150 dairy farms left. We are the next generation to take over these farms. We provide our neighbors and our own families with a fresh, local supply of nutrient-rich milk. We are challenged by adapting to a volatile pricing market in order to be economically sustainable. We are also challenged by the daily operations of managing a farm business. We strive to live by a simple truth, “Take care of the cows, and they’ll take care of you.”

If you indeed have any questions, I beg you, send us your questions. We live and breathe dairy farming everyday; not just when we watch it on television or read about it in a newspaper or the internet.

Thank you,


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